Choose a Blue light lenses starting at $29.9.

Pick a frame, then choose blue light lenses when selecting lenses.

Why choose blue light blocking lenses?

Our blue-light blocking glasses can protect your eyes.

The blue-violet light emitted by the screen of mobile phones,

computers, etc. can cause eye fatigue and damage the eyes.

The blue-light blocking lens can reduce fatigue,

and filter out harmful blue-violet light, which is designed to

protect the eyes.

Provide protection while using the entire screen time.

Eligible with non-prescription as well all prescription types:

reading glasses, distance, progressives & bifocals.

How does the lens filter the harmful blue light?

When all light passes through the lens,

the harmful light will be filtered and reflected,

the harmless light can pass through.

As shown in the picture on the right.

The beneficial light of orange, yellow, green can pass through,

the harmful light such as blue,purple will be filtered and reflected.

How to buy blue light blocking glasses

  • Find a frame you like

  • Select prescription type

  • Choose blue light lenses

  • Proceed to checkout

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